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Got it up!

2010-02-05 17:15:31 by lidlurch

I finally finished deep heavy, so please check that song out! it's weird, i know, but don't rate it based on how much you like it. i want musical criticisms, even though i like to hear people's opinions on them. anyways...I'm working on a jazz song through noteworthy composer 2, and it's not going too well :P I'm also planning to try to use FL, so it will be a long time before i get another song up. Review my stuff, and i'll review yours!

uh oh...

2010-02-03 15:16:15 by lidlurch

yuck...okay, i finished this awesome song, and it's a whopping 35 mb....i need help compressing this file to fit it onto newgrounds! any advice?

Musician's Block

2010-01-17 12:05:19 by lidlurch

Well, I got pretty far into the new song I'm making, but have no idea where to go with it! I settled with editing an old song instead, and you can check that out in my 2010 submissions. I have a feeling I'll be editing and remixing a lot of songs instead of making new songs this year :P I just figured out how to make the notes right on the beat without re-recording, which makes drumming much simpler :D Anyways...Keep on letting me know if you've got any new stuff and I'll review it right away!

Old-Mac disease

2009-12-19 17:08:01 by lidlurch

So, i've got one of them half-sphere half-ancient macs with an outdated version of mac software. It doesn't go well with garage band, to say the least. I apologize for making such slow progress with so much time on my hands, but this mac is so slow that i have to export it to itunes just to see if little tweaks make a song better. It's really really frustrating!! So please, bear with me, and hopefully I'll have a new song up soon. It's gonna be called Deep Heavy, or something like that...

Btw, I've got a new version of Dream Runner that I want to put up soon, so if you wanna check out the old version and review that one, please do!

Catchin' up

2009-11-21 20:27:50 by lidlurch

Hi all! I finally finished the song that took me about 4 months to finish! In other words, I'm back on newgrounds, posting and reviewing like never before. So, if you ever find the time, please review my songs! If you review mine, i will review more, and trust me, i will give you constructive criticism! I will send my notifications for new songs out through email, and if you get annoyed by my emailing you too much, just contact me.

Coming soon: edited Technological Jazz and re-vamped Dream Runner

been a while

2009-09-11 22:32:37 by lidlurch

hello, all of those who still check up on my page, i know i havn't been very good about making music or updating my newgrounds lately, but i have been extremely busy with marching band and school starting up. i'll send an email out when i come out with my next song (it's gonna be sick), but at the same time, i'd like you guys to maybe have your music junkie friends review my music. that would be amazing!


a fair exchange

2009-08-02 20:31:02 by lidlurch

sup bras and bros! k, so i've been thinking...i've been pretty desperate for feedback on my songs lately (not that many people will read this), so i have decided to review your songs in exchange for you reviewing mine, vise versa. keep tabs, i just uploaded two more songs that ya'll might like.

Yay! cool song coming up!

2009-07-26 22:22:55 by lidlurch

I can't wait to get this song up!! it's really awesome, and actually a decent length. It's called Forming Anesthetic, and boy it's awesome. Just thought I'd tell you guys, considering i havn't been on garageband for a while now. I just got on and finished it, and it's pretty neat. I'll put it up when i get a few more songs up cuz i have to use a cd to get the songs onto this comp from my mac to put it on newgrounds. I've also got another song coming up that i finished a while back, but forgot to put it up on my last cd. continue to search through my stuff please!

yo, peeps

2009-07-21 23:33:53 by lidlurch

Thanks to everyone that is commenting and rating my songs!! it's awesome to finally get alot of feedback from actual artists and critics. Please continue to search through my songs, and tell me what you think of them. I won't be putting up any new ones for a while, but i'll keep you updated on how my song making is going at the present time. right now it's really slow because i've been lazy and my keyboard connection is horrible :P

So, i was just wondering, and i know not many people will really respond to this, but should i keep up all of the songs that are not getting good ratings? I don't want people to judge me off of my worst works, and assume that i'm a bad artist. What do you guys think?